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    Very professional and good at what she does. She also has a heart, and that is something hard to find nowadays!!

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    Did an amazing job. Very knowledgeable and professional.

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    My husband and I had no idea what we were doing when it came to putting a will and trust together. Sarah guided us through the entire process and made us feel very comfortable. She was also very flexible and accommodating when it came to scheduling appointments. If you want to work with honest, trustworthy people, use Sharp & Associates for any of your legal needs.

Power Of Attorney

Kalamazoo Lawyers For Establishing Power of Attorney

Attorneys Assisting With POA for Finances and Health Care in Michigan

Regardless of your age, you should plan for what will happen after you die, including creating a will that specifies your final wishes and a trust that will protect your assets and ensure they are passed on to your heirs. It is also important to make decisions during the estate planning process about how to handle certain matters as you near the end of your life. A power of attorney (a ‘POA’) allows someone to manage your affairs if you become incapacitated or cannot make decisions for yourself. A POA is a simple yet powerful document that allows your loved ones to avoid spending significant time, frustration, and money. You can trust us to create a power of attorney that ensures your wishes are followed.

Types of Power of Attorney

Upon establishing power of attorney, you will name an agent who will be authorized to make decisions for you if you are unable to do so. You can specify when the power of attorney will take effect, how long it will last, and what decisions your agent will be able to make.

In Michigan, there are two types of power of attorney:

  • a financial POA, which allows someone to handle your financial, legal, or business matters
  • a health care POA, which allows someone to make medical decisions on your behalf

You should choose an agent who you trust to carry out your wishes, and you should discuss your plans and desires with them so they can make the right decisions. Powers of attorney can be revoked at any time as long as you are sound of mind.

Contact A Kalamazoo Estate Planning Attorney

A power of attorney can give you the confidence that your health and finances will be cared for if you cannot do so for yourself. The attorneys at Sharp & Associates Law Firm can work with you to create a power of attorney for healthcare and / or financial matters, ensuring that your specific desires will be followed as your loved ones tend to your affairs.

Contact a local Kalamazoo estate planning attorney at Sharp & Associates Law Firm, so that we can help you protect your family and assets – CALL TODAY!

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