How Much Does A DUI Conviction Cost in Michigan?

Cost of a DUI in Kalamazoo

Getting convicted of Operating While Intoxicated (aka OWI or DUI) in Michigan has many more costs than just the fines and court fees. If you’re facing OWI charges, you might be wondering what the total costs include, everything from increased insurance premiums to license reinstate fees. In total, these costs typically amount to anywhere between $4000 to $9,000 or more for a first-time regular DUI.

Typical Drunk Driving Costs in Michigan

Michigan OWI laws break down the fines and fees into payments to various funds, which total ~$500 for a first-time regular OWI/DUI offense and ~$1000 for a second offense, fines will be more if the BAC level is above .17. Alcohol classes are also usually required, amounting to roughly $500. In addition to classes, you will likely need to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle for a year, totaling $1000.

The State of Michigan’s Secretary of State will also charge you fees because your license is suspended, and you will also be charged a fee to get your license reinstated.

Finally, the other significant cost will come from your insurance premiums. According to an article written in Forbes magazine the cost of your car insurance premium will increase by 193%.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of an OWI in Michigan

  • $150-$300 cost recovery reimbursement to the police and prosecutor’s office
  • $150-$3000 for Bail
  • $200 per month- Tether Fees
  • $10-$300 Alcohol Evaluation monthly Testing
  • $50-$200 Ignition Interlock Device Installation
  • $50-$100 monthly for Ignition Interlock Device
  • $350-$1000 Alcohol Education/Treatment
  • $1000 Annual payment for two years Driver Responsibility Fee
  • $125 License Reinstatement 
  • $1500 and up Car Insurance Price Increase

Average Total $9000

**Source: and

***These costs associated with a first-time OWI (BAC of 0.08 or impaired to the slightest degree). BAC level over .17 will result in higher fees.

Is it Worth It to Hire a DUI Lawyer in Michigan? 

 With all the costs associated with a DUI, you might be wondering if it is also worthwhile to hire an attorney. The above estimate does not include the cost of representation. However, quality representation is well worth it between the costs and the possible jail time associated with a DUI.

An experienced DUI attorney can determine whether your case may be reduced to a lower charge or whether legal or factual issues provide a basis to have your charge dismissed entirely.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for an OWI, we can help! Call the Sharp Law Group today, and we will begin to prepare your defense immediately. You will be kept informed and have the process explained every step of the way. We serve all of Kalamazoo and the Battle Creek metro. Together, we can help you get your life back.


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