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    Within 10 minutes of deliberation, our jury came back with a 'not guilty' verdict.

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Gun & Weapon Offenses

Protecting Your Rights Against Gun, Firearm & Weapon Charges – Kalamazoo, MI

Don’t just accept your fate and consequences. Let our Experienced legal team build YOUR defense.

Michigan weapons and firearms penalties are very strict and often result in prison time and/or thousands of dollars in fines. It is important to not waste time and ensure you have representation that knows how to defend your rights from the start. Our firm is one of the most highly sought after defense firms in southwest Michigan, and is specifically experienced in handling weapons and firearms charges. By pointing out the facts and circumstances surrounding your case, Michigan gun charges can be reduced or even dismissed. Contact our expert team today so we can begin building your defense.

We serve all of west Michigan; Kalamazoo County, Kent County, Calhoun County, Berrien County, Van Buren County, Cass County, St. Joseph County, Ottawa County, Branch County, and Barry County.

We Will Examine The Evidence To Build A Strong Defense

Our work will involve looking at:

  • Was there an issue of an improper search and seizure?
  • Were there other circumstances that brought you to be carrying a weapon?
  • Was there a witness against you who made false allegations?
  • Did you unknowingly violate the law banning felons from possession of firearms?
  • Were your constitutional rights violated at any point during your arrest or even after your arrest?

Additional circumstances we will explore for your defense:

  • Was the gun loaded?
  • Was the gun or firearm operational?
  • Was the gun or weapon used for fishing or hunting?
  • Was the gun an antique?
  • What was location of the weapon and whether you knew it was in your possession?
  • What was your intent was for carrying the weapon?

Our Attorneys Are Skilled Handling All Gun & Weapon Charges

There are numerous ways to be charged with gun weapon offenses, including but not limited to:

  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Carrying a gun / firearm that is concealed (CCW) without obtaining a concealed carry permit
  • Carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent
  • Possession of illegal weapons
  • Possessing a firearm after being convicted of a felony
  • Possessing a firearm without a proper license
  • Possession of a firearm on prohibited premises
  • Reckless use of a firearm

We can help you with ALL gun and weapon charges and offenses! Our lawyers have successfully defended clients accused of gun and weapon charges and have achieved dismissed or significantly reduced penalties.

Our lawyers understand the best strategies and defenses to help you avoid criminal penalties. By pointing out the facts and circumstances surrounding your case, Michigan gun charges can be dismissed or reduced.

Talk to a Gun & Weapons Charge Attorney

Do not risk making a critical mistake or missing an important deadline. If you’ve been charged with a gun or weapon charge or crime – get help right now, before you make any decisions. Call Sharp & Associates Law Firm @  269-978-6560 for a FREE initial consultation with an experienced gun and weapon offense lawyer.




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