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    Tara helped my Son get out of his wrongly accused DUI. Very talented and
    knew exactly how to handle his case.

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    He is a winner and will not let you down. Thank you for everything Benjamin.

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    He got everything dropped!!!! I would definitely recommend him!!


Facing The Parole Board In Michigan

Beyond the day of your criminal sentencing, perhaps no other day brings as much anxiety as the day you face the parole board. Having already spent time in prison, you realize how important your freedom is. But what should you expect at the parole hearing? How can you prepare and what should you say? While family, friends and other inmates may give you well-meaning advice, the truth is they probably don’t know any better than you.

One thing is for certain — do not be fooled into thinking that you will automatically be released from prison after your minimum sentence is served. Even though our prison systems are overcrowded, the government has no problem denying parole and keeping you incarcerated for the maximum sentence if it thinks you remain a risk to society. However, with proper advice from a qualified corrections lawyer, your chances for success in front of the parole board increase greatly.

Additional Post-Conviction Remedies

  • Sentencing: In the most serious criminal cases, sentencing may not occur immediately after the conviction. A probation officer will take time to interview the defendant, look into past criminal history and possibly look to any victims for an impact statement. During this time, our law firm can advocate on your behalf to the probation officer. We understand the sentencing process and know the information that could potentially help you receive a lessened sentence.
  • Appellate review: After your conviction, our law firm can provide strategic representation during the appellate process. We will look at the trial court record for any flaws in the application of the law and other appealable deficiencies. The rules and regulations of an appeal differ greatly than at trial, so it is important to work with a lawyer who has specific appellate experience.
  • Expungements: In certain circumstances, your criminal charge can be expunged, or erased, from your record. This option is usually only available for nonviolent misdemeanors and is not guaranteed. Contact our firm and we can advise you on the likelihood of success. By clearing your criminal record, you can avoid problems obtaining employment, housing and certain professional licenses.

Your Freedom Is Waiting. Contact Our Law Firm For Help.

If you or a family member is due for a parole board hearing, or if you face any other legal issues post-conviction, our  law firm can help. Contact us today for help!

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